Victim Services Professional Referral Form


Victim Services Inc. is able to provide a support person to be with you at any of the following, at your request:

  • Hospital or other medical appointments relevant to the crime
  • Criminal and /or Juvenile Court Proceedings
  • Coroner’s inquest
  • Media interviews
  • Police station, prosecutor’s office or other legal appointments

Court Preparation / Orientation

Information and education to prepare for court and
to help clients understand what is happening in their case.

Assistance with Victims Compensation Claims

Our Victims Compensation Coordinator will assist clients through the process of filing a claim and provide information throughout the process. For more information about Victims Compensation Claims, contact Tracey Cook

Victim Notification

In Cambria County our office at the courthouse is responsible for notifying victims of actions and proceedings in their case.

Referrals to Other Resources

Victim Services is not a diagnostic or an investigative agency. We cannot provide legal advice or testimony.

If you have needs that fall outside of our areas of service we will be happy to assist you in finding the appropriate agency or organization to help you.

For more information about our Advocacy Services, contact Barbara Reing.